The world before Cimdex
  • Nonprofits raise money on good stories
  • 80% of all nonprofits only keep track of operational metrics, and not program data
  • Many work in isolated silos and pursue goals independent from each other
  • Most have not determined how to objectively measure success
  • Grassroots nonprofits are driven by founders' personal networks & charisma
... and after
  • The economic impact of any intervention is instantly calculated
  • Programs are compared to evidence-based best practices
  • Nonprofits are able to communicate their tangible value to society
  • At-a-glance metrics of the organization's effectiveness are readily available
  • True social ROI
Cimdex Solution
Cimdex Score is the first evidence-based platform that measures social impact. Our impact dashboard monitors the social, operational and financial performance of nonprofits across the country. Cimdex gives key insights to nonprofit leaders seeking to improve organizational performance, to funders seeking to invest strategically in social change, and volunteers who want their time and talent to be put to the greatest use.
Cimdex is in Beta
We are polishing modules and running live pilot programs with our partners. Interested in becoming one of our pilot partners? Let's chat!
  • Domain 1: Operational Effectiveness
    Metrics for organizational health provide insight into an organization's internal capacity to carry out its mission, such as diversified funding, Board engagement, and employee satisfaction.
  • Domain 2: Program Performance
    These indicators focus on an organization's key performance indicators, outputs, and progress towards meeting short- and medium-term goals.
  • Domain 3: Social & Economic Impact
    Cimdex uses proprietary formulas based on leading studies and real-time data to monetize an organization's social impact, calculate their IPID (Impact Per Invested Dollars), and track progress towards achieving long-term measures of success.
Cimdex Suite
Our Research
Cimdex is focused on reducing generational poverty by helping nonprofits, as well as the funders and volunteers who support them.
  • Workforce
  • Adoption & Foster Care
  • Housing
  • Health & Wellness
  • Education
  • Youth Development
In the lab
  • Spiritual Vitality
  • Community
  • Science & Culture
We do this by helping organizations clarify goals and strategies, while making it easier for them to collect the data necessary to measure their progress towards those goals. We also make it possible for organizations to translate their outcomes into social and financial terms that demonstrate tangible impact, as well as highlight opportunities for improvement.
All of this is made possible by the cutting edge research that undergirds the Cimdex platform. We used evidence-based calculations, rooted in program evaluations, published studies and, where possible, meta-analyses of literature reviews. In addition to data supplied by organizations, we also draw on the most recent state and national statistics to enable real-time calculations of program growth, intervention costs and impact, and returns on investment for funders, taxpayers, and society.
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